Creature comforts

I did not think i would yearn for home as much as i do here. I didn’t realise i was a homing pigeon..I thought i would be more cultured,like some form of exotic parrot. There are so many things i miss, and a multitude of things that are different..

The church bells here go off every hour. All the way through the night. I thought i had contracted a bad case of tinnitus, and was relieved to discover this was not the case. Every time i hear their distant chime i think of home. I think of Marino Church, whose bells only clang at a resonable hour, to let the dutiful church goers know when mass is being held. I miss the tree lined avenue and the sounds of the chattering old biddies shuffling to mass, their purple rinse perms flattened under scarves to shield them from the onslaught of rain.

I miss other irish delicacies like brennans bread and supermilk from luscious grass fattened cows. Here the bread is  too processed and the milk not quite as creamy.

I miss figrolls, tayto, and pitchers of larger from Doyles near trintiy college. ( Though you are forced to remove the occasional fly ) There is clearly no such thing as a euro shop. You have to almost remortgage your gaff for a can of coke !

I even miss the irish transport system! You have less than twenty seconds to embark upon a tram here before it takes off . In Dublin you have to wait a good 15 mins before the busman finishes having a chat with his colleague or some kerfuffle caused by an unruly passenger is sorted ” AH C’MON MISTUR, MY MA ONLY GAVE ME FIFTY CENT, I JUST WANT TO GET TO ME GAFF ” or ” I PUT OUT ME FAG BEFORE I GOT ON LIKE “.  Occasionally you even come accross a kind busman who stops when he sees you running behind the bus, even if it delays the schedule.

“ah sure be grand”. is the Irish motto. Here things are not so laid back. Its a vibrant multicultural city for certain but i have yet to see a pyjama clad civillian as you sometimes see in dublin. I have also yet to see someone languish in a comfortable tracksuit for anything other than sports. In ireland our fashion sense is a lot more “casual “.

I miss the comfort of my home, and cups of tea with my gran and grandad watching a house renovation programme or golf.  I miss attempting to watch Americas next top model, while my grandad comments upon each of the models ” god these poor ones need a sandwich! or ” look at the nose on that poor yoke ”

I cant quite sleep at night, with the church chiming, and the growls of my gruff train driving neighbour, who suffers from a strange respiratory disorder.

I feel i dont quite fit in amongst the local tanned, multilingual, athletic civilains. I am pale, and my fleshy body is pink from sunburn. I lollop along without purpose and am finding it difficult to integrate into this busy bustling city.

I guess i just need to give it time.. God loves a trier so he must really love me ! stay tuned folks 🙂


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