Falling down the rabbit hole..

On saturday i travelled to London on a whim! It was a stupendous trip but defintely somewhat overwhelming.

That  morning i headed towards Basel airport! I felt like an unfortuante pig roasting on a spit it was so hot! Roughly 35 degrees! I instantly regretted wearing a leather jacket and black skinny jeans but i wanted to be prepared for potential rain. I suffered through the laborious security checks and the desperate search for departure gates and made it just on time for my flight!

Eventually I arrived in Luton and to my utmost dismay I realised that my hotel was out in the back arse of nowhere. I felt too uneasy to conquer the underground maze and felt quite lost. Within the confines of the hotel carpark were clusters of fluffy brown rabbits. I had never seen so many rabbits in one place before! I felt they knew the lay of the land better than me, and my best chance of survival would be to follow in their footsteps and eke out a meagre  lving in the bushes. Alas i was not welcome in their clan and they scurried off into the darkness, away from the confused and blundering giant (me !:D)

I waited in the hotel for my friend to arrive and decided to order a pizza from a dominoes nearby. It was probably the most awkward experience of my life.

Jahred ” hello..( indecipherable muttering) this is jahred speaking “.

Me “Hello is this dominoes?”

Jahred “Yes”

Me” Um well could i order something please?”

jahred ” Yes”

Me “Ok um well can i get a pizza?”

jahred ” I need a phone number ”

I was then quite flustered and bothered because i was not quite sure what number to use because i possessed numerous phones .

Me “I might have to call back sorry “.

*hangs up, rifles in bag for phone, finds number, calls back dominoes *

Me ” Hi it’s um.. me again i have the number”.

Sajeed ” This is dominoe’s sajeed speaking”

Me ” Oh sorry i was last speaking to jared, id like to make an order ..

sajeed ” I will get jared”

Me “Oh no it’s grand dont worry about it .. sorry for all this fuss”

Jared ” can i have your phone number please mam?”

Me ” sure.. *gives phone number *

Jared ” ok may i have you post code please?”

Me ” well um my post code is in dublin do you deliver there ?”( awkward silence at the deliverance of this pathetic joke )

Jared “no”

Me ” Ok well I am staying at the Ibis hotel Lutton”

Jared ” I need the postal code of the hotel and your room number please”

* sweat prickles in the furrows of my brow as i desperately ransack the room for that specific information*

Me ” Hold on one second just trying to find this stuff sorry! so when did you move to england?”


Jared ” what is your postcode?”

me ” yeah sorry.. here you go! um can i order a pizza now?”

Jared ” yep”. * phone credit goes, has to call back on hotel telephone*

jared ” hello dominoes ”

me “hello its me again sorry about that..”

jared ” Ok mam can you please make your order, thank you”.

was the most uncomfortable phone call i ever made.

The next day I headed towards the train station, feeling apprehensive at the thought of exploring london alone. The map seemed to be even more confusing, i couldnt comprehend the tracery of coloured lines depicting each of the numerous stops in london.  I took the tube to kensington on the picadilly line. I felt like Alice, falling down the rabbit hole, plunging into the darkness of the underground! I stepped out into the sparkling light of kensington and was dazzled by London’s beauty and  consumed by Its vibrant culture. The streets were bustling and lined by a variety of restaurants, shops and numerous museums. I eventually found my family and we experienced the delights london had to offer, from indian cuisine, to the chilled out atmosphere of covent garden and the packed pavements of picadilly.  Big ben loomed over us in the distance , a beacon of hope for all lost and weary travellers like myself and a creation of majestic beauty. I left the next day with a sorrowfull lump in my throat at the prospects of leaving my family and one of my best friends behind. I also felt a yearning in my heart to explore more of what london had to offer, and feel another visit is in order! Alice must return to wonderland 🙂



  1. lwestonuk · July 4, 2015

    There’s so much to see here in London! I’ve lived here for 2 years and still exploring!

    Liked by 1 person

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