Proper pops the new healthy snack?!


So I was perusing through Facebook, as unemployed graduates often do, and I came across a very interesting offer. A new brand of healthy snack was advertised “Proper Pops”. My curiosity got the better of me, and I investigated this phenomenon further. Some of the flavours seemed very peculiar to say in the least. lemon and chilli, paprika, lemon grass and garlic. But since I had recently graduated from college, my new aim in life was to try all things wacky and wonderful. Though I should mention as a disclaimer here, I was so hungry that if I was offered chocolate dipped rats I would probably have consumed them by the dozen as well.

Anyway moving swiftly onwards. so I noticed Proper pops were looking for tasters. PICK ME! I said and in return I would write a small review. So the company were happy to oblige, and within a few days I had a very flashy package delivered right to my door.  As soon as it arrived I was ready to rip it open, but my granny exclaimed “NO! NOT TILL AFTER DINNER”. (as a 23-year-old ex law student I know granny’s rules take precedent in my house so I would have to wait) So we had the usual mundane meal of potatoes and cabbage and gravy (yawn boring) Then we heard the chime of the doorbell and a wave of visitors entered in.  Two elderly ladies in tanned stockings and tartan skirts, and a rather pious nun, (who for the sake of this review shall be named sister Angela) I realised that through underhand methods I could in fact coerce them into becoming my Secret sample group. So I coaxed the rosary bead laden trio into the sitting room, and concocted a cunning plan.  I filled up the teapot and instead of dusting off the ancient crumbled fig rolls, or attempting to separate the sticky mass of mint humbugs (What is it with the elderly and disgusting boiled sweets?!) I offered them proper pops instead. Living on the edge or what?!

So in separate bowls I placed the five individual flavours for trying. I had to convince them that the snack was in fact delicious and totally safe but yet I also had to exclude myself from all liability should anything go awry (there would be no duty of care owed in this house!!)  There were a few usual concerns coming from Maureen “Will they get stuck in my dentures?! What if you have high blood pressure? Will I choke on them?!” So after assuring them all that proper pops would not stick in their craw, or affect their blood pressure, and yes of course they would still have tea, we got down to business.

Flavour result table…

  1. Zesty lemon and fiery chilli: So I tried this first and oh lord Jesus it was simply divine! The lemon was tangy and refreshing yet the chilli gave it quite an exciting kick, but it wasn’t overbearing at all. I thought they would be quite nice as a replacement crouton in a salad. My score for that would be 8/10.   Sister Angela was the brave soldier for this “I’ve been to Nigeria on the missions, and we had lots of spicy concoctions there!” she exclaimed as she took the plunge. “OH SACRED HEART!” she exclaimed, dropping her rosary beads to the floor. “THAT’S VERY SPICY ALL TOGETHER”. She took a big gulp of tea, but yet consumed another handful whilst murmuring” mmm that’s quite tasty, I could get used to this”. So we popped the proper pops into her handbag to take back the convent to snack on with her cross word. So 8/10 score for that one.
  2. Sizzling and sweet paprika: A definite winner for me! Had a kind of smoky bacon taste.10/10 Thought it would be yummy with a pint of beer whilst watching the match. So poor old denture ridden Maureen went for this one. Her purple rinse candy floss perm stood seemed to crackle with excitement “OOOH THAT REMINDS ME OF MY HUSBAND’S BARBEQUE PARTY IN 1993”, and then there was a gentle chorus of lord rest his soul, isn’t it terrible, and lord have mercy Christ have mercy. but still despite the sad association it was still yummy 10/10
  3. LEMON GRASS, LIME AND GARLIC: ok I wasn’t too sure on this one, the mix seemed a little bit too intense for me and my bland taste buds. I mean still quite zesty and salty and the texture of the crisp was lovely but it wasn’t too my individual liking. However, this could definitely come down to snack bias. so in order to assess what the reasonable man would think of the crisp I had my grandad try it who stated “ooh that’s actually quite nice, couldn’t eat too many but in moderation tasty enough” So we will say 6/ 10 for that one due to personal taste only.

Ok now on the packaging front. Seriously impressive packaging, the colour schemes were really enticing. I’m a bit like a fly to a lit bulb and bright packaging is really enticing to me.  Also the lid ensured that the snacks wouldn’t go stale, and meant I could bring them with me for bus snacks and the like.

On a nutrition related note they were incredibly low in calories, 89 per a pot, which was great for a recovering chocoholic like myself who needs to fit into a grad dress pretty soon. Also they were packed full of protein and fibre which was like an extra added bonus brownie point!

So overall a really delicious, reasonably healthy snack that myself and family would completely recommend.



  1. Opinionated Man · March 30, 2017

    I wish I could do fiery anything anymore!

    Liked by 1 person

    • JessieMcCarthy · March 30, 2017

      oh god i forgot i wrote this haha i think i was trying out whether i would be any good at marketing here lol haha

      Liked by 1 person

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