Shop girl shenanigans !

Shop girl shenanigans !


So I have just began my first official proper job as a shop assistant ( yay thank god I studied law for four years to stack shelves!) but actually I think this kind of job is just what I needed to get kickstarted into the working world. To be honest I think it is completely necessary for us as students to experience this in order to give us the kick up the ass we need to work harder! I was babied by my grandparents and the government sustained me on a grant but now that’s all been snatched from underneath me. I have no choice but to be a grown up, and take all the responsibilities and burdens that come with that! To tell you the truth though I am incredibly grateful and delighted that I have this kind of opportunity to earn a little cash. Anyway for those thinking of a retail career I have made a brief list of some of the Pros and cons of a typical day as a shop assistant.


  1. Having the bants with fellow employees :     I have been incredibly fortunate to have met very patient and reasonable people to train me up. Yes there is an art to crisp packing and rotation, and using the till! Actually one of the girls is only 16 yet she is so fast moving and enigmatic she puts me to shame. We were chattering amicably whilst tidying cards and she gave me the lowdown on all the other fellow employees..”Watch out for her with the hoop earrings,” or “the fella with the cross eyes is alright actually he will put all yer bins out for ya”.  We talked about everything from man trouble to politics whilst checking the dates on dusty boxes of toblerone. Having the bants makes work a little more bearable.
  2. Transferrable skills : My god so many of these! My brain is fried I have had to learn so much so quickly. Like I guess previously my pace was porpoise  on pot now I’m a porpoise on a cocktail of E and redbull mixed together with fear and adrenaline. I have to be organised, efficient, show initiative and work well with people, all pretty good transferrable skills.
  3. Dolla dolla bills : I get my wages in cash in a little envelope, which seems a bit dodgey but see no evil speak no evil and all that jazz! I was delighted when I received my first little wad of cash


  1. Working under pressure : I have never experienced such pressure in the entirety of my legal life ! we have to work at a ferocious pace. The ques build up and cascade out the door when im on the till. Wish I had a makeshift register to practice on each evening.
  2. Strange purchases : unfortunately for me the outlet I work in sells everything from pliers to signed mass cards. I hate all smokers and lotto players also as the I do neither of these things, the different varieties throw me every time.  Or bill payers another problematic issue. WHY?! WHY MUST YOU GET A LOTTO TICKET, A MASS CARD, A PACK OF CIGARES AND FILTERS AND PAY HALF IN CARD AND HALF IN CHANGE WHY?!
  3. Terrible bosses : Well the problem with the place I work is I have several employers  and they all prowl around sniffing out mistakes or lackadaisical laziness.  “QUIT TALKING YOU TWO DONKEYS” or “FUCKING CLEAN THAT QUICKLY” though sometimes they can be nice too “Listen if I fucking told you to get off the till, its nothing personal right? I just think you’re too slow because you’re new like”. Awww love is in the air!

So overall It’s a really worthy and valuable experience and one I would entirely recommend !


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