Dezzie Diamond Stores – Part one

Part one “May the odds be ever  in your favour”

She sat down abruptly on the stool, and gazed up into the face of the store supervisor Damian. Her palms were sweating profusely and her nerves were wrought with tension. If it was one thing she loathed it was interviews, but then very few people do enjoy being interrogated.. Damian looked down at the beautifully formatted cover letter and Cv that she handed him.

Right says here you’re doing law? what the fuck are you doing here so?“. He stated gruffly, swaggering around the office with a pompous air. Rachel looked up in dismay. Soon however nothing would shock her..

The one thing that could be said for Damian was that he worked hard. Or rather that he made others work hard for him.. He had a keen eye for business , just like his father. Dezzie’s store was renowned for quality service, excellent staff and the freshest chicken fillet rolls in the area. Then again there was only one store in the area.. and most of the customers were elderly, veruca ridden church goers, with a great affection for Brady’s Ham and a deep mistrust of large commercialized entities. “Can’t be trusting dem big stores.. not the same value that dezzie would get ya, and lots of foreigners making the sandwiches “.

Rachel reflected on the first question.. what the fuck was she doing there was right ? she swallowed sadly and looked down at her curled up fists. She thought back to all the rejections and felt a lump rise in her throat. She could almost plaster her walls in the numerous No’s she received..  We regret to inform you that..  Unfortunately … The standard was just so high.. We wish you the very best of luck with your future..  she sighed .

“OI! ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!!” Damian exclaimed getting impatient. There was rolls to be made, newspapers to be stocked, customers to please, and employees that deserved a good bollocking .

Sorry sir. I am here because I am currently looking for part time work. The reason you should hire me is that I work well under pressure and this is demonstrated...” Damian abruptly stopped her.

Yeah I don’t give a fuck about all that lawyer lingo. Can you do the job properly?! and you’re not fucking going anywhere? like no big fancy jobs lined up, not going off to fucking Hong Kong on an exchange or becoming the next chief justice are ya? like we need you on call whenever the fuck we need someone. So what I don’t need is a big fucking academic throwing their weight around and talking shite“. He crumpled up her CV and covernote with venom, and chucked it into the waste paper basket.

No sir I won’t be going anywhere “. She mumbled sadly, looking down at her black polished shoes.  Damian smiled. “Right so.. Here’s your apron and your cap, I’m Damo, I’m the boss round here. I keep the order, what I say goes.. There’s none of your fancy laws round here.. Only D and D law..” 

D and D law ?” Rachel inquired . Damian chuckled to himself and stomped down the stairs ” Dezzie and Damo’s law.. what we say goes right.  ?”  Rachel nodded glumly, stuffing her unruly mop of hair into a threadbare hair net, which smelt oddly like gherkins.  He lead her down a narrow set of stairs and into the store itself. “Right better introduce ya to some of the staff so”.  Rachel was shocked by this sudden display of decorum, but scurried hurriedly along in his wake.

First site on the list  was the fruit and vegetable stall. Two men in grey uniforms approached her. One with a slight limp, an oblong crooked nose and horn rimmed glasses. The other in his twenties balding with a broad grin splayed across his face. He unfortunately had cross eyes, one eye looking at Rachel, the other looking for her.. Damian left her there momentarily, to fetch her a supervisor for the day.  The cross eyed man introduced himself first ” Hey I’m Tim and that’s Luke there. He has a speech impediment so I’l save him the bother of introducing himself”. Luke grunted gruffly and limped away behind the cabbages.

“He’s a bit shy “. Tim stated blushing slightly. “Oh I don’t mind, I hate small talk anyway”. Rachel said, delighted that she had come across someone pleasant for a change. “Yeah there won’t be much small talk being done here anyway! Just so you know you’d best prepare yourself for the worst.. most people.. well they don’t really make it past the first couple of days here..It would be best to think of working here like competing in the hunger games”.  Damian stormed out of the store fuming “I’M NOT PAYING YOU TO STAND HERE AND FUCKING TALK FOR HOURS, GET IN HERE NOW “.  Tim patted Rachel on the back ..”May the odds be ever in your favour…”





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