Gulliver and Gilligan part three: “Welcome Home.”

Gulliver pressed ahead with his somewhat pompous speech with grim determination. He ended on a jovial note, some tripe about how they were all connected by a common thread and had all impacted upon the legal world in bright and innovative ways. Gilligan swayed from foot to foot, and stared up at the podium through bleary bloodshot eyes. His scornful gaze burnt into a trembling Gulliver, who was consumed by a strange form of guilt and shame. He descended down from the podium and walked across the atrium where Gilligan sat cross legged on the floor, clasping an empty bottle of whiskey close to his chest.

“Gilligan what has become of you my friend.. why are you consumed by such bitterness. This is not you”.

“Fuck off Gulliver. ” Gulliver sighed and attempted to hoist him up under the armpits. “PISS OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE “. Gilligan vomited profusely, his whole body succumbing to bouts of trembling . Gulliver sat him down, mopping his fevered brow with a silken handkerchief. “It’s ok Gill, come on home with me there’s the chap “.  Gilligan reluctantly allowed a sombre Gulliver to escort him to his car, which was conveniently parked outside of the law school.  They drove in silence along the long winding roads, listening to the clackety  rattling of the engine.

“Jesus Gulliver with the money you are on you think you would invest in a better vehicle then this?!” Gulliver smiled thoughtfully “Could be an idea Gill, maybe you could hep me find one”. Gilligan scoffed and pressed his face against the cold glass of the window. Little drops of condensation dampened his wild and unruly mop of hair. He grunted and regretfully fell into a deep slumber.

Upon arrival the car juddered to a halt. Gulliver gently shook Gilligan’s shoulder till he had awoken fully.  “We’re here now Gilligan, do you need help getting out there?” Gilligan shook him off angrily “I’m not a charity case I’m fine”. They walked up the cobblestone driveway in silence.  Gulliver fumbled in his blazer pockets till he found the golden key.  The lock omitted a strange clinking sound as the mahogany door swung open. Gilligan stepped inside looking around in wonder and awe at the elaborate dining room, the long winding staircase furnished with ivy, the ginormous bookshelves lined with hefty hardbacks. “FUCK ME !YOU HAVE LANDED ON YOUR FEET”.  He collapsed down on the leather recliner, rubbing a bleary eye with his curled fist.  Gulliver smiled forlornly and patted Gilligan’s curled up fist . “What ails you Gill?is it financial? do you need a loan?”. Gilligan sighed “Is it ever not financial ?! No I just don’t see a fucking point to anything anymore. Laura’s gone. My house is up for sale. My life is a fucking Joke. To be honest I’d do myself in now only I heard hell was pretty hot. You recall how much i hated that class trip to Cyprus”.  Gulliver knelt down beside him, and looked up at him through polished spectacles. “Well Gill you can stay here as long as you like. I’ve been searching for a lodger. can be awfully monotonous up here by myself. As for death…how about we make a pact? let’s just say each morning we shall check on each other and ensure each other’s survival”. Gilligan looked up at him perplexed, his ashen face creased in confusion. “How do you mean?”. Gulliver smiled “Well i’ll pop my head in the door and politely inquire on whether you have succumbed to the reapers deathly grasp. Have you killed yourself yet Gilligan? and hopefully you will respond that you simply didn’t get round to it at the moment and that you will last till the evening time.”. Gilligan stared, his eyes wide with shock. Then he broke out into peals of raucous laughter, which reverberated through the room. “Oh that is some seriously twisted shit right there Gully boy”. Gulliver smiled, “Quite… and i will expect it to be reciprocated. Goodnight old boy. we shall talk more tomorrow”. He flicked off the light switch. Gilligan rolled over on the couch , his pain numbed somewhat by the alcohol. He wanted to cry but felt he hadn’t the energy. He curled up into the foetal position and was haunted once again by Laura. He could almost hear her whisper goodnight, smell the faint aroma of perfume.He hugged his knees tightly and stared into the darkness, allowing it to consume him once more. He had never felt so alone in all of his life.


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